It is one of the most important holidays that you are ever likely to take, so do you really want to spend it with hundreds of other honeymooners? The Maldives, Hawaii, The Caribbean, the world is full of resorts that lure lovers to their luxury villas, but if you’re looking for something that feels a little more special and exclusive, consider taking your honeymoon off the beaten track in one of these less common, but no less romantic spots.

1. Nha Trang, Vietnam

vietnam holidays

Honeymoon in Nha Trang Vietman

Vietnam may not immediately spring to mind if you are thinking about romance, but with an idyllic coastal location facing the South China Sea and a sweeping bay of beautiful sands, it has everything a honeymooner could hope for. And that’s not all. Nha Trang is a popular holiday destination in South East Asia meaning it has a good number of five star resorts just waiting to give you that special Vietnamese welcome.

Tip: Avoid monsoon season from October to mid-December.

2. Andaman Islands, India

If you want to escape the crowds, then take your honeymoon on one of the Andaman Islands. Tropical and super chilled out, you stand a real chance of finding a deserted patch of sand to spend some time with your loved one.

Technically the territory of India, but situated closer to South East Asia, over 30 of the 500 islands are inhabited. As you might expect from a barely touched paradise, accommodation tends towards rustic charm rather than five star luxury, but for the more adventurous, that is part of these islands’ appeal.

Tip: Stop by the Cellular Jail on Port Blair, which used to be a penal colony.

3. Tel Aviv, Israel

Not every honeymoon has to comprise endless days of sitting on the beach and although that is still an option in Tel Aviv, where the Mediterranean Sea glitters all the way to the horizon, there’s myriad other things to do in this cosmopolitan city. With a white Bauhaus backdrop, an old port, upscale restaurants and biblically significant Jerusalem down the road, you can fit watersports, sightseeing and fine dining all into one day.

You can also visit the diamond district to get good quality jewelry at great prices (contributed by 钻石友)

Tip: Have breakfast or lunch in Puaa’s café in the Jaffa Flea market. The entire café is furnished with items from the market and everything you see (including your chair and cutlery) is for sale.

4. Isla Bastimentos, Panama

panama holidays

Honeymoon on Isla Bastimentos, Panama

Comprising part of the Bocas del Toro archipelago of islands off the east coast of Panama, this island in Central America is off most people’s radar despite it occupying a prime spot in the Caribbean Sea. A place where virgin beaches are left to nature’s hands and tropical jungles provide for exploration, Isla Bastimentos is the epitome of paradise. And it comes complete with luxury accommodation options, too. Development is slowly creeping onto the shores, so make the most of this barely discovered island before it finds a place in everyone else’s honeymoon brochure.

Tip: Don’t miss Red Frog beach named after the strawberry coloured poisonous red frogs that live on the island. Go searching for them, but don’t touch them.

5. Voyage to Antarctic

One of the final frontiers in exploration, the white continent offers a once is a lifetime trip that is perfect for a honeymoon. Ditching a beach break in favour of seeing gigantic glaciers, mountains and penguins will make for memories that will last forever. Take a voyage through some of nature’s most dramatic scenery, snuggling up to your new spouse for warmth along the way. If you’re looking for an alternative romantic adventure, this could be the one.

Tip: tourism has the potential to have a significant negative impact on Antarctica so check the environmental credentials of your tour operator before you book.

Are any of these alternative honeymoon destinations on your list? If you’d prefer to take your honeymoon in a more traditional setting, check out these classic honeymoon suggestions.