Edible Flowers For Wedding Cakes

Here are some ideas to check out for preparing edible flowers for your wedding cakes.

Rose Petit Fours with Rosebud

Alternatively, if you don’t want full candied rose petals on your cake, you can use rose petal jelly as a filling for petit-fours. This jam is sweetly fragrant, and its delicate pink hue would look gorgeous between layers of vanilla or lemon pound cake. Cover them with a bit of pink fondant and a candy rosebud, and you have exquisite little bite-sized beauties to share with your guests (or hide away to share solely with your bridal party).


Although most people associate the scent of lavender with pillow sachets and their great-grandmother’s sweaters, the flowers actually have an intriguing, fragrant flavour when added to desserts. This little herb blends beautifully with other fruits, and a blueberry-lavender panna cotta served in little glass flutes would look exquisite.

lavender wedding cake

Lavender Flavoured Panna Cotta with Lavender Garnish

Lavender sorbet is a refreshing dish that can be served as a palate cleanser between dessert courses, and goes marvellously with lavender shortbread biscuits. Sugar can also be infused with these flowers and then sprinkled on beignets, or even added to whipping cream to create decadent, lavender-scented hot chocolate.

Should you wish to give your guests some sweet treats as take-away gifts, consider a decorative tin filled with the lavender shortbreads that were also found on the dessert table: these go wonderfully with tea, and you’ll be remembered with every buttery, sweet bite.


Fiery and spicy, these edible blossoms come in a wide array of orange and red shades, and add a peppery bite to any dish they’re added to. Since they have such a strong flavour, it’s best to pair them with desserts that can complement and balance out their fragrance and bite.

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Nasturtium Garnish on Carrot Cake

The sweet richness of carrot cake provides an ideal counter-balance to the strong kick that nasturtiums carry, and their hues complement one another as well: if orange or red are in your wedding palette, then both the subtle brown-orange of the cake and the flame-like hues of the edible blossoms will work perfectly for you.