A Wedding in Camelot: Arthurian Romance in Wales or Cornwall

If you’re in love with all things Arthurian and dream of a wedding that would do Camelot proud, then a celebration in Wales or Cornwall may be ideal for you. Castle ruins, ancient forests, and the white-crested ocean waves work together to create a magical backdrop for your special day.

ancient marriage

Photo by Estrangelo Edessa

There are many books and films to draw inspiration from as far as clothing is concerned: TV shows such as Camelot, Merlin, and the Mists of Avalon might give you some ideas, as would films such as Tristan and Isolde and King Arthur. Medieval-style gowns flatter every figure type, and for the groom, is there anything more comfortable than a tabard? I think not.

Bridesmaids and flower girls don’t take much coaxing to get into outfits like these, and though your guests might take a little more convincing to attend in costume, they’ll be happy that they did. The bride and her ladies can carry bouquets of herbs and seasonal flowers, and jewellery can be as simple or lavish as desired. Modern footwear might be preferable to Medieval styles, but ballet flats go with just about any gown and will keep everyone comfortable all day. (They’re less likely to get caught in cobblestones too!)

For locales, the ideal places to look at would be old keeps on the coast of Wales and Cornwall, where you and your guests can celebrate in nearly authentic style. St Mawes Castle in Cornwall would be an ideal venue, with its ancient stonework, turrets, and banquet facilities.

The photo ops there would be spectacular, as well as various other points along the coastline. Imagine a photo shoot at the ruins of Tintagel the day after the wedding? Magical! If your tastes lean more towards all things Welsh, check out Carreg Cennen Castle instead. You can thrill your guests with little coat of arms placards as place-settings (if you have time, use their own family crests!), and the wine goblets they drink from can double as take-away favours.

For a true banquet hall-style feast you’ll want long tables where your guests can sup like royal guests of King Arthur’s court. If you can’t hire banquet-style tables for the day, you can make your own set with long lengths of timber set upon large wine barrels.

If you’re aiming for authenticity, go for a menu of foods that would have been not only available, but considered quite fancy in Camelot. You can read through your favourite Arthurian/Medieval tales for hints as to the food they ate at their feasts, or you can take inspiration from films, other era-specific novels, or even fairly authentic Medieval cookbooks.

Keep in mind that many feast foods of that time period were very meat-oriented, so if you have vegetarians and vegans in attendance, it’s important to have some great options for them as well (the ubiquitous veg lasagne just won’t cut it).

Hearty items like savoury spinach pie, or mushroom and buckwheat-stuffed cabbage rolls would be great alternatives to roast beast for the meat-free crowd (with the latter being gluten-free as well). Beverages such as beer, mead, and mulled wine are on-theme, and you can have elderberry cordial and non-alcoholic cider for the non-drinkers in attendance.

With a regal celebration such as this, the romance and chivalry of the Arthurian court is sure to make your wedding a magical day, and your lives together truly blessed.